2017 Show: L'Amour et les extraterrestres

A man discovers that the woman he loves is part of a group of aliens that has infiltrated humanity. Like us, they are fragile, experience fear, have dreams. These strangers defy our conceptions of time, space and beauty. Can we coexist on the same planet? And love…. What will become of love?

The 2017 graduating artists are inviting you to discover this performance where they harmonize an array of disciplines: hand to hand, aerial straps, aerial silk, aerial hoop, cloud swing, swinging trapeze, Russian cradle and Cyr Wheel! You will be fascinated by their skills, and charmed by their spirit and talent. Their ambitions and dreams will leave a mark on you forever.

From May 23 until June 4

Didier Lucien

Assistant Director : Julie Lachance
Musical Conception : Éric Forget
Lighting Design : Stéphane Ménigot
Scenography & Technical Direction : Michel Otis
Costume Design : Michael Slack



« Breathtaking»

- La Presse

« How do they manage to get better and better every year?»

- 98,5FM

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