2017 Shows


The best of the young circus artists about to take over the stage invite you for their training outcome. High wire act!

Brilliant, restless and enthusiastic, the circus artists from the 2016 promotion are inviting you to experience their final training turning point. Before they join the most prestigious circus companies in the world, they are about to take over TOHU’s stage with their remarkable talent.

They are inviting you to discover two performances where they harmonize an array of disciplines: swinging trapeze, cloud swing, aerial hoop, rope, hand to hand, Russian cradle, balancing, trapeze duo, Cyr Wheel, Chinese hoops, aerial straps and tissu! You will be fascinated by their skills, and charmed by their spirit and talent. Their ambitions and dreams will leave a mark on you forever.


"The National Circus School’s end-of-year shows (…) are excellent examples of the level of quality found in the Montreal circus." - La Presse

"Circus has a very different look in Canada and beyond, a phenomenon that can be credited in good part to the National Circus School…" - The Globe and Mail, Toronto 

Video #1 : Making-of the annual shows with Didier Lucien (2016)

Video #2 - Creation, behind the scene

Video #3A - The universe of DEMAIN

Video #3B - The universe of COLIBRI

Video #4 - Preparation at TOHU!

Video #5A - Didier at the premiere of DEMAIN!

Video #5B - Didier at the premiere of COLIBRI!