2018 Show : sapience

The show is an archaeological dig, a rappel downwards into the labyrinth of what makes us human. An expedition into the heart of the wise human being, his/her myths, fears, contradictions, and irrepressible desire to approach the invisible, the sacred. Sapience takes us on a journey through the troubled beauty of human nature. Though inaudible, words resonate. Breath, silence, speed, suspension ... light.

They 2018 graduating artists are inviting you to discover this performance where they harmonize an array of disciplines: aerial straps, juggling, hoop, Chinese pole, silk, aerial rope, balancing, tight wire. You will be fascinated by their skills, and charmed by their spirit and talent. Their ambitions and dreams will leave a mark on you forever!

From May 29 to June 10

Anthony Venisse
Assistant Director : Lucie Vigneault

Sound ConceptionÉric Forget
Lighting Design: Stéphane Ménigot
Scenography: Michel Otis
Costume Design : Michael Slack


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« Breathtaking»

- La Presse

« How do they manage to get better and better every year?»

- 98,5FM

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