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Researchers in residence


  • Louis Patrick Leroux , Professor of English Studies department of Concordia University. Research topic : Writing and Dramaturgy
  • Dean Kriellaars , Professor, Department of Physical Rehabilitation , University of Manitoba. Research topic : physical literacy
  • Paloma Holmes, PhD in kinesiology at the University of Toronto. Research topic: pedagogy
  • Raphaelle Créniault , doctoral candidate in kinesiology at the University of Montreal. Research topic : physical preparation and injury
  • Marion Cossin, doctoral candidate in biomedical engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montreal. Research topic : interaction between acrobatic apparatus and the human body
  • Amanda Langlois, master's student in education at McGill University. Research topic : pedagogy


  • Veronika Stefanova , doctoral student in history at the University of Prague. Research subject : History and Aesthetics
  • Jon Burtt , PhD student in dance at Edith Cowan University. Research topic : pedagogy