Teaching staff



Teacher Discipline taught
Andréanne Alain  Voice
Ilya Baranov Acrobatics, Russian craddle, Trampoline, Trampo-Wall, rings, aerial straps
Nicolas Boivin-Gravel Juggling
Irina Bozyan Balancing, Hula hoop
Yury Bozyan Balancing, Aerial Straps
Irina Burliy Cyr Wheel, hand to hand
Nicolas Cantin Acting
Pierre Carrier Acrobatics, Tight Wire, Chinese Hoop, Spanish Web, acrobatic trapeze, Acrobatic Chair, slack wire, acrobatic research, bicycle research, ladder
Marilou Cousineau  Acrobatics, Body Technique, physical preparation, Flexibility, Powertrack
Yvonne Cutaran Dance
Éric Deschênes Physical Preparation, Cyr Wheel, German Wheel
Éliane Domanski Aerial Acrobatics, Spanish Web, Silks, dance trapeze, silk loop
Daniel Firth Dance
Mylène Fleury Preparatory program (Acrobatics, flexibility, Physical Preprartion, Power Track, Body Schema, Dance Trapeze)
Elena Fomina Contortion, Balancing, Flexibility, Aerial Straps, duo trapeze, straps duo, Aerial Hoop
Victor Fomine  Swinging Trapeze, cloud swing, aerial straps
Joël Gagné Dance Classes Musical Assistant
Marie-Josée Gauthier Acting
Nicolas Germaine Acrobatic chair, Juggling and Manipulation, hand to hand on unicycle, diabolo, acrobatic research
Louis Guillemette Movement
Sébastien Guindon    Acting
Nathalie Hébert Acrobatics, Aerial Hoop, Dance trapeze, tight wire
Lidia Joukova Contortion, Flexibility, Stretching, manipulation
Pascale Lalonde  Dance
Stéfanie Lamoureux Aerial Acrobatics, Swinging Trapeze, Flexibility
Rénald Laurin Clown
Jérôme Le Baut Hand to hand, banquine
Sarah L'Ecuyer Acrobatics, Flexibility, Physical Preparation, Body Schema
André Leduc  Acrobatics, Chinese Hoop, powetrack
Jane Mappin Dance
Adrian Martinez  Acrobatics, juggling, Trampoline, German Wheel, Physical Preparation, Body Technique
Hélène Melançon Dance
Annie Mercille Tight Wire, Trampoline, Korean board
Eric Miles  Dance
Jorge Padilla Chinese Pole, Physical Preparation, Acrobatics
Hélène Parent  Voice
Sarah Poole Dance Trapeze, Spanish Web
Irenal Purschke Acrobatics, aerials, spanish web, duo trapèze, flexibility, bocy Technique, silks
Sylvain Rainville  Trampoline, korean Board, Duo Hand to Hand on Unicycle, ladder
Nadia Richer Dance trapeze, spanish web, Flexibility, Physical Preparation , body Techniques, Aerial Hoop, aerial straps 
France Robert Juggling and Manipulation
Nathalie Sabourin Tight Wire
Sandy Silva  Music and Rhythmic
André St-Jean Korean board
Véronique Thibeault Spanish Web, Trapeze Duo, Silks, Dance trapeze
Jacinthe Tremblay Chinese Pole, Swinging Trapeze, Dance Trapeze, Flexibility
Luc Tremblay Acrobatic Bicycle, Chinese Pole, Unicycle, Physical Preparation
Itzel Viruega Flexibility, Duo Trapeze, silkls, Aerial Straps duo


Artistic advisors

  Sylvain Lafortune
Nicolas Cantin Nico Lagarde
Estelle Clareton Johanne Madore
Éric Forget Veronica Melis
Alain Francoeur Howard Richard
Marie-Josée Gauthier Julie Vincent
Peter James  
Julie Lachance  


Theory college level 

Teacher Subject taught
Zachary Alapi  English
Dominique Chantraine French
Chantal Comeau Anatomy
Vaji Dorostkar English as a first language
Marie-Pier Huot Philosophy
Diana Matean English
Jean-Marc Limoges French
Vincent Messager Career management
Marc Tomaszewski French as a second language


Academic subjects, secondary level

Teacher Subject taught
Mélanie Blais French as a first language, Geography, History and civic education, Plastic arts
Diana Matean English as a first language, English as a second language, Ethics 
Stéphane Gauthier Physical education
Robert Villeneuve Mathematics, Contemporary world, Personal orientation project, Science and technology
Option classes (Cinema, Chemistry, Economics, Physics) 
Marie-Josée Poulin French as a second language