«I developed an artistic identity. I learned tools and a voice that I not only used through my performing career, but that I continue to use to this day as a director and choreographer. The School planted that seed, and it has shaped my circus career over the last 20 years.»
- Shana Carroll / Cofounder / The 7 Fingers / Canada

«Over 4 years, the School gave me not only a passion for an art which was completely unknown to me, but also the tools to undertake a professional career in the world's leading circus institutions. The École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) is made up of a team devoted to promoting and evolving the circus arts, and a teaching staff whose approach equally encompasses tradition and the quest for new forms of expression. It also provides the chance to encounter artists coming from the four corners of the world. »
- Patrick Léonard /Cofounder /The 7 Fingers / Canada

«The École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) of Montreal has made us real artists. For me, it is the best circus school in the world. »
- Jeannot Painchaud / Founder/ Cirque Éloize / Canada


«The School enabled me to discover the vast and diverse world of the circus. It is undisputedly the first step in the life of a circus artist, but far from the least.»
- Geneviève Gauthier/ Cirque Alfonse / Canada

«Here’s to trying new things and enriching encounters. How could the circus be anything but? Tell stories, dance, sing, vault... push the very limits. I take intense pleasure in practicing my craft. I love this life! »       
- Frédéric Arsenault / Cofounder/ Cie Un loup pour l’homme / France


«The School gave us our first experiences in the world of theatre and dance and nurtured a desire to delve more deeply into these disciplines. We have been lucky enough to participate in many diverse types of contracts during our careers, enabling us to continue the development of our artistic abilities and sensibilities.»
- Laura Smith and Mark Pieklo / artists / Cirque Plume / France

«The School served as a springboard, without which I would never have known the joys of a career as an acrobat, the wealth of experiences while on tour, the privilege of pursuing my passion..»
- Brigitte Scherrer / Talent Scout/ Cirque du Soleil / Canada


«The 4 years spent at the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) completely changed my life. I learned so much there. I had extraordinary professors who believed in me and who encouraged me, supported me... I have so much respect for both the School and the people who work there.»
- Mercédes Chénard / artists/ Cabarets - Germany

«My 3 years at the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) taught me perseverance and to exceed myself. I credit my training at the School with fully preparing me for my professional life.»
- Antoine Carabinier-Lépine / Cirque Alfonse- Canada

«This program has prepared me for many adventures and challenges on this circus journey. The school gave me skills in my chosen speciality, a solo Chinese pole act. The intense program gave me the ability to really perform - to have the physical and emotional skills to truly communicate and touch my audience. This capacity stems from the program's rare mix of acrobatics with dance, movement, and theatrical training. No other school provides this important mix of performance training. I was also prepared to navigate the circus industry from any vantage point, be it negotiations, in contracts, understanding stage management, or moving towards a creative director role. In addition, the superb training facility and professional staff made the entire learning adventure fun, safe and unforgettable.»
- Alvin Tam / artist / Cirque du Soleil - Las Vegas

«The École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) is a door opening into the worlds of movement and performing arts. Initiation into the circus is assured by not only the technique and philosophy acquired at the School, but by the contacts made there, the solo or group projects, with side doors leading to dance, theatre and music. »
- Nicolas Roche / artist / Cirque du Soleil - Las Vegas

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