Services to Professional Artists

En piste – The National Circus Arts Network

Circus arts professionals may avail themselves of a wide range of resources. The School encourages young artists to become involved in various industry organizations such as the national circus arts network En Piste. This organization has created a networking structure among its many partners in the support of artists, emerging projects, training organizations, producers and presenters.

The many ventures it undertakes target all parties involved in the milieu, including presenters, organizations related to circus arts, the media and the general public. En Piste also works to raise and maintain the development and influence of Canadian circus arts.

En Piste organizes activities around four areas of development: information, training, creation and presentation.

To Train and Create

Since its inception in 1981, the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) has welcomed individual professional circus artists as well as emerging circus collectives and companies who seek space appropriate to the practice of their art.

The non-profit organization TOHU, the Cité des arts du cirque (City of Circus Arts), will coordinate these Services for Professionals provided at School.

TOHU oversees use of one of the School's studios called the Studio de création, placing it at the disposal of circus arts professionals to undertake research and creative exploration leading to the realization and expression of an artistic work.

For more detailed information, consult TOHU's Website.