Financial assistance and Bursary

Since 2006, the National Circus School Foundation has awarded an amount totalling $ 846,010 to 427 bursary recipients.

Deadline to apply for a bursary from the School Foundation: before May 15, 2021 for the school year 2021-2022. Learn more

Bursary and Loans from the Government

Students enrolled in a full-time program of the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) can apply for loans and bursary to their provincial ministries. For international students, we invite you to contact government authorities of your country.

The National Circus School Foundation Bursary Program

A significant financial support for 37 future circus artists in 2018-2019!

Skills, talent, and determination are the only criteria for entrance into the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School). It is the principle of the School and the Foundation that no qualified student who wishes to pursue their studies at the School will be unable to attend or be required to withdraw from a program at the School for financial reasons.

The NSCF Bursary is a non-repayable grant that is awarded on the basis of financial need and provides vital financial support to students who cannot handle the full cost of tuition and related expenses. 

Established in 2006, the Bursary program is made possible through an endowment created through donations from individuals, foundations and corporations.  This capital is invested in perpetuity and generates yearly revenue which provides a long-term source of income to disburse bursaries each year. 

If you don’t think you have the financial resources to attend the School, the NSC Foundation Bursary may be a vital source of financial support for you.

Program Highlights

  • The Program is open to all full time students, both Canadian and international students.
  • Since 2006, over 73 % of students seeking financial aid have qualified and have received a bursary.
  • On average each year, 3 out of 10 students enrolled in the college and high-school programs receive a bursary from the Foundation.
  • Bursary amounts disbursed since 2006 have ranged from $500 to $4,500 resulting in an average bursary value of nearly $2,000.  


  • Students must be registered and enrolled in a École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) program at the time of application in order to be eligible.
  • Applications for students under the age of 18 enrolled in the high school-circus arts studies or preparatory program must be completed by consenting parents.

Note: Students who apply for and receive government loans from their province of origin are still admissible to the Foundation Bursary Program.  

How to apply?

To be considered for a bursary, eligible students must complete the application form (in French) and include the required documents before May 15, 2021. Information provided on the applications will be tabulated and undergo a confidential process of evaluation. Recommendations will be reviewed by the Bursary Evaluation Committee, who is appointed each year by the Foundation Board of Directors.