Éliane Domanski

Aerial acrobatics, rope, silks, aerial hoop, dance trapeze, flexibilty
With a bachelor's degree in literature and several diplomas in the socio-cultural and sports fields, Eliane practices dance, climbing and gymnastics, before pursuing an international artistic career.
Graduated in teaching jazz and contemporary dance by the French Federation of Dance, the experimentation of dance acrobatics and dance climbing, lead her to aerial choreography on strings, trapeze, pole, fabrics, and the "contemporary circus".
Trained in France with various circus pedagogues, in aerial, in parallel with a diploma in acrobatic work, she joined the Cirque Baroque - Puits aux Images, on several creations and international tours during the 90s, then the Teatro del Silencio of Mauricio Celedon, in the early 2000s, while developing projects around aerial work in high altitude. She is also the recipient of the Gold Medal 2020 of the Académie des Arts Sciences et Lettres de Paris.
Éliane graduated from the National Circus School of Montreal as a circus arts trainer in 2007, and teaches aerial disciplines.