3rd year graduating show at TOHU

Cancellation of the graduating class’ Annual Show at TOHU


The National Circus School administration has decided to cancel the Annual Show by our graduating class, which was to be presented starting May 27 at TOHU.

This decision was made after long and careful consideration. The uncertainty of the current situation caused by the pandemic raises many issues, including how to mobilize the students, artists and production team involved in the show. As well, we had to consider the involvement of our financial partners and audiences who attend.

We understand that this news will surprise and sadden many of you. We would like to assure you that the NCS team will do everything possible to find solutions to mitigate the impact of these decisions on students, teachers, salaried and contractual employees, partners and everyone involved in the School’s activities.

The School administration is actively studying several end-of-school-year scenarios, including the creation and public performance exercises, for all programs. The administration is closely monitoring the progress of announcements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We will keep you up to date regarding further developments as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding,

The National Circus School Administration


Those who have purchased tickets for the School's Annual Show will be contacted directly by telephone by a TOHU agent.



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