Marie-Josée Gauthier

Artistic advisor | Acting teacher

A director and actress, Marie-Josée has made frequent appearances on both film and the stage. In 1994, she co-founded Théâtre Complice and featured regularly in the company's productions, going on to direct numerous productions for the theatre and circus. She frequently gives workshops at L'École de danse contemporaine and since 2006 has taught at the École nationale de cirque, where she is also an artistic advisor. For the School, she devised the concept and staging for two annual shows performed by graduates, Pomme grenade in 2011 and Demain in 2016. Marie-Josée co-directed the Circus Monti show Tourbillon in 2015 and clown Mick Holsbecke’s Moby Mick, on tour throughout France in 2016-2017.