Giving Tuesday


Contribute to the National Circus School student grants program and help kick off the annual campaign with your donation to the global GivingTuesday movement.

GivingTuesday is now over, but it is still time to donate. 

GivingTuesday is now over. The School and its Foundation would like to thank all donors for their donation. Thanks to you, we have largely exceeded our goal and raised close to $16,000 in individual and corporative donations. The funds raised will help our students through our grants program. Thank you for your incredible support for the next generation of circus artists! 


Why Donate? 

The National Circus School Foundation offers a generous grants program that benefits nearly 25% of its students annually. As part of GivingTuesday, the Foundation is raising funds for these grants, which help students pay their tuition fees and support themselves. GivingTuesday marks the launch of the annual campaign, and our goal is to raise an initial $4,000. 
This year more than ever, the grants program is vitally important to our students’ academic perseverance. With the pandemic impacting much more than just the circus arts industry, students are facing financial insecurity and an uncertain future, in addition to a considerable psychological burden. This economic instability jeopardizes the continuation of their studies in one of the best circus schools in the world.

How does my donation help?

The money raised will allow talented youths to finish out their school year and make their dream of becoming a circus artist come true! 
Your donations on GivingTuesday contribute to the National Circus School Foundation's grants program for students in need. Your donations are all the more important this year because, although the health crisis has an immediate impact on students, its impacts will most likely continue to be felt well into the future. 
With your support, all talented students will have access to high-level training! 
Here’s what your gift could help support:

$1,000 - $1,250 
Average monthly cost of rent in Montreal 

$500 - $600 
Cost of a computer 

Average monthly grocery bill for one person 

Purchase of a monthly public transit pass 

Purchase of a book for an academic course 

To be eligible for a tax receipt, the minimum donation amount is $20.  


Support the next generation of circus artists!

« Graduating from the National Circus School changed my life! I learned much more than physical skills, qualities such as teamwork, respect and compassion. And to be disciplined and take joy all along the road to success. None of this would have been possible without the Foundation’s support. I attribute my current success to their support, for which I am very grateful. »
Timothy Fyffe, 2016 graduate


The GivingTuesday Movement

Be part of the generosity movement that is GivingTuesday. Not only will your donation make a wonderful and visible contribution to the next generation of circus artists, it will encourage other donors to do so. Thank you in advance for your support!

To learn more about the various projects you can fund, contact us: 
Naila Del Cid  
Events and Partnerships Coordinator