Giving Tuesday

at the National Circus School Foundation!

Help kick-start the National Circus School's annual fundraising campaign by contributing to the generosity movement that is Giving Tuesday. Keep donating!

The Giving Tuesday 2019 event is now over. Thanks to your help, we were able to raise $41,353.

Thank you all for your valuable participation!

How can I contribute? 

Make an online donation to the National Circus School. It’s simple and secure! You may direct your gift to one of our Supporting Funds.

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Why give to the National Circus School Foundation? 

A world leader and key institution of Montreal’s vibrant circus arts scene, the School continues to break new ground. It serves as a veritable hotbed of talent, educating students who go on to work around the globe and contribute to the city’s international renown as a circus city.

The overall goal is to reach at least $145,000 in donations by June 2020 in support of the next generation of circus artists.  We are attaining $124,978 in donations promises including your contributions to the Giving Tuesday movement. Keep comitting to excellence and innovation! 


You donation makes a difference...

The funds we raise make it possible for talented young people to realize their dreams! Thanks to your donation, they have access to the resources needed for success: the best teachers, state-of-the-art equipment and support for their artistic projects. As well, we continue to help ensure financial assistance to students in need, personalized health services, and a specialized circus library, the largest in North America. 

What your donation could make possible

$1,000 - $2,000

Award a bursary to a student in need or subsidize a deserving student’s internship or
Purchase a trapeze or tightrope.

$500 or more
Provide 10 preventive physiotherapy treatments or
Re-stock first aid supplies for our therapy services. 

$200 or more
Host a workshop by a specialist or guest artist to enrich the students’ education.

$50 or more 
Purchase show tickets for the students or
Acquire specialized circus arts books for the library.  

Support the next generation of circus artists!

Help kick-start the National Circus School's annual fundraising campaign. It's still time to make a donation:

I want to make a donation

« Graduating from the National Circus School changed my life! I learned much more than physical skills, qualities such as teamwork, respect and compassion. And to be disciplined and take joy all along the road to success. None of this would have been possible without the Foundation’s support. I attribute my current success to their support, for which I am very grateful. »
Timothy Fyffe, 2016 graduate, 

Artist at Cirque du Soleil

The Giving Tuesday Movement

Be part of the generosity movement that is Giving Tuesday. Not only will your donation make a wonderful and visible contribution to the next generation of circus artists, it will encourage other donors to do so. Thank you in advance for your support!