Sébastien Guindon


An actor, director, television writer and playwright, Sébastien is an aficionado of the performing arts. He is a graduate of Université Laval in theater and creative writing (1992) and completed his acting education at the École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris (1994). He has been writing for the stage for over 25 years; more than 30 of his plays have been performed in professional, academic and corporate settings. As a television screenwriter, over the past decade he has contributed to such programs as “La Petite Séduction;” “Viens-tu faire un tour ?” (ICI Radio-Canada), and “L’Amérique de Michel” (Canal Historia), in addition to other projects.  Sébastien has served as an artistic advisor and acting teacher at the École nationale de cirque, working with postsecondary students since 2008.