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The Circus Arts Author Program is a one-year, full-time training program focused on creation in contemporary circus arts. The aim of the program is to enable participants to deepen and define their circus writing in a way that’s personal, meaningful and original. To achieve this, they will be invited to devote themselves fully to their contemporary writing and their circus arts practice. 

A research-based approach 

Through this program, NCS offers the time, space and support a creative needs to be able to develop a sound and professional practice that will fit into the circus arts landscape, both in Quebec and internationally. 
The program welcomes two students per year. The low teacher-student ratio ensures personalized instruction. Participants will also be called upon to work alongside internationally renowned masters and to share with other passionate creatives. 
Studying circus arts creation at NCS means immersing in an investigative process. Each participant will need to question themself, engage in a research process, collaborate, lead teams and continuously redefine their vision to deepen and fine-tune it. 
The program focuses on three research pillars: 
  1. The body: the study of physics and circus techniques as a starting point for the invention of new practices.
  2. Materials, mediation effects and methods of representation: bringing one’s attention to materials (the body, words, costumes, space, decor, time, movement), mediation effects (recording, dubbing, echo, translation) and methods of representation (theatrical space, marquee, black box, exterior or interior ambulatory, etc.).
  3. Performativity: reflecting on the link between creation and today’s world, particularly with regard to physical, aesthetic and political issues.

Career opportunities

  • Creative 
  • Director 
  • Artistic Advisor
  • Creative Assistant
  • Playwright

Required profile

The applicant: 
  • Has started writing a circus creation 
  • Has experience in creation 
  • Is passionate about exceeding the limits of the body and performance 
  • Is prepared to question what the circus is today 
  • COURSE GRID Open or Close
    650-hour program offered full-time over two sessions. The program curriculum consists of practical and theoretical courses. 
    Theoretical courses: 
    • Streams of creation and dramaturgy (45 hours) 
    • Social and political contexts (45 hours) 
    • Research methodologies (150 hours) 
    • Project, team and performer direction and management (30 hours) 
    • Assembly and dismantling of acrobatic apparatus (30 hours) 
    Practical courses: 
    • Research laboratory (60 hours)
    • Digital exploration (45 hours)
    • Creative project – Small-scale] (60 hours)
    • Creative project – Large-scale] (90 hours)
    • In-house internships with higher education students (60 hours) 
    • Creative presentation (30 hours) 

    Session calendar:

    • Fall session : August 30 to December 21, 2021
    • Winter Session : January 6 to June 5, 2022
  • AdmissionOpen or Close

    Admission requirements 

    The applicant: 
    • Has a high school diploma (DES) or the equivalent 
    • Has interrupted their studies for at least one school year or completed one year of post-secondary studies 
    • Have a minimum of 5 years experience as a performer or creator
    • Have developed three projects as a creator in the field of circus arts, dance or theater
    • Possesses functional knowledge of the French language, both spoken and written 

    Admission process 

    1. Apply for admission via the Omnivox platform 

    2. Pay the $55 non-refundable registration fee 

    3. Attach the following documents*: 

    • Passport-sized portrait photo (JPEG format) 
    • Copy of your birth certificate with parents’ last and first names  
    • Copy of transcript establishing the last successful year of schooling 
    • Detailed curriculum vitae 
    • Cover letter stating your learning ambitions and a research project proposal (around 1000 words) 
    • Letter of recommendation from a peer 
    • The last available academic transcripts

    4. All applications will be evaluated. If your application meets the admission criteria, you will receive an invitation to submit: 

    • A critical analysis of a body of work (choreographic, theatrical, visual, performative, cinematographic or circus) explaining why this work made an impression on you and explaining the link between this work and your personal practice. 
    • Links to video clips of three of your body-centric creations (YouTube or Vimeo, total 20 minutes maximum) accompanied by a short text introducing each creation and your role in it (250 words per clip). 
    *All documents in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a translation. 
    Keep an eye on your emails and don't forget to check your spam folder. 
    For more information, consult our admissions policy (available in French only).
    Applications for admission must be submitted by June 20, 2021. 
    The registration period is over.
    For any questions regarding this program, you can contact us by email at: [email protected].
  • Tuition FeesOpen or Close


    Admission Fee$55
    Registration Fee$205
    Incidental Fee$235*
    Tuition Fees
    Canadians and permanent residents
    Tuition Fees 
    International students
    Insurance Fees$850

    * Payable in two installments.
    Fees in Canadian dollars, subject to change.


    Student Services

    The School offers a range of student services such as on campus housing, a library, a bursary program, food services and health services. Learn more about student services.

    Financial Aid

    Canadian students enrolled in one of the National Circus School's full-time programs can apply to the ministries of their provinces for loans and grants. For foreign students, we invite you to contact the government authorities in your country. 

    The National Circus School Foundation assists students who do not have the financial resources to pursue their professional training at the School, regardless of their citizenship. Learn more about the Foundation's grants.

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