Trainer in Circus Arts - E-Learning (NRC.FE)

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Be inspired at the leading circus arts educational institution! Learn to use innovative strategies that will have immediate impact on your students’ success.

By focusing on building skills in knowledge transmission at all levels and in different contexts ( recreation, social circus, preparatory or higher education schools or in the continuing education of professional artists), this program aims to meet the needs of the professional circus arts community by preparing high-level trainers.

 This Program is for you if: 

  • You have experience as a circus arts teacher or in a related field OR as a circus arts student, circus artist, educator, or artistic director.
  • You wish to upgrade your teaching skills to a high level of technical performance. 
  • You are open to and interested in various pedagogical approaches. 

An accessible hybrid program

Organize your schedule taking into account your time constraints. Opt for this hybrid formula that combines virtual teaching and two weeks of in-person training with teachers from the National Circus School in Montreal to validate and deepen your learning, as well as a in a work experience internship. The program lasts 765 hours (555 hours of courses and 210 hours of on-the-job training) and is offered over four semesters spread over two years. 

The sessions will be accessible via the Moodle platform. You have access to a variety of teaching tools: blogs, forums, video conferences, video clips, documents and quizzes to learn and progress quickly.
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    The online Circus Arts Trainer course is a 765-hour program (555 hours of class time and 210 hours of on-site internship ) and will be divided over four sessions.  
    1st session: Fall 2022
    • Acrobatic Motion Analysis 1: 15 hours spread over 2 weeks
    • Flexibility: 15 hours spread over 2 weeks
    • Aerial Motion Analysis 1: 15 hours spread over 2 weeks
    • Mental preparation: 15 hours spread over 2 weeks
    • Nutrition 15 hours spread over 2 weeks
    2nd session: Winter 2023
    • Injury prevention 15 hours spread over 2 weeks
    • Artistic Analysis of a Circus Project15 hours spread over 2 weeks
    • Class management: 45 hours spread over 3 weeks
    • Setting up and Striking Acrobatic Apparatus : 45 hours spread over 3 weeks
    • Facilitating Social Circus Activities: 60 hours spread over 4 weeks
    • Supervising the Creation and Production of a Performance : 45 hours spread over 3 weeks
    • Two weeks of in-person training at the National Circus School (Montreal)
    3rd and 4th sessions: year 2022-2023
    • High level training on a circus technique: 90 hours
    • Internship: 210 hours
    Students will have the option of taking their Final Exams on site at the National Circus School.
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    Trainer in Circus Arts - E-Learning Program

    A video conference is held in the morning (Montreal local time) every weekend with the teacher and students.

    2022 Fall Session 

    *Schedule will be uptade soon for the 2022 Fall Session



     Welcome Session
    1Acrobatic motion analysis - Week 1
    2Acrobatic motion analysis - Week 2
    3Flexibility - Week 1
    4Flexibility - Week 2
    6Physical Training - Week 1
    7Physical Training - Week 2
    8Aerial motion analysis - Week 1
    9Aerial motion analysis - Week 2
    11Mental preparation - Week 1
    12Mental preparation - Week 2
    13Nutrition - Week 1
    14Nutrition - Week 2



    2023 Winter Session

    *Schedule will be uptade soon for the 2023 Winter Session



    15Injury prevention - Week 1
    16Injury prevention - Week 2
    18Artistic analysis of a circus project - Week 1
    19Artistic analysis of a circus project - Week 2
    21Class management - Week 1
    22Class management - Week 2
    23Class management - Week 3
    24Setting up and striking down equipment - Week 1
    25Setting up and striking down equipment - Week 2
    26Setting up and striking down equipment - Week 3
    27Facilitating Social Circus Activities - Week 1
    28Facilitating Social Circus Activities - Week 2
    30Facilitating Social Circus Activities - Week 3
    31Facilitating Social Circus Activities - Week 4
    32Supervising the Creation and Production of a Performance - Week 1
    33Supervising the Creation and Production of a Performance - Week 2
    34Supervising the Creation and Production of a Performance - Week 3
    35Aerial's Safety
    Circus Initiation - Teaching Material
    37On-site week in Montreal
    On-site week in Montreal - Trainer's Program

    Students will be required to come to Montreal (Canada) for two weeks of mandatory on-site training from June 4 to 16, 2023. We recommend that they take a travel insurance for the duration of their stay.

    Frequently asked questions

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     En Piste members get 15% off the tuition fee. 
    Professional circus schools graduates get an additionnal 5% off.
    After completion of your online registration, please contact our registrar office by email, to indicate your full name and that you are a member of En Piste or a circus school graduate.


    Fees 2022-2023 school year*
    For the full program

    Admission Fee$ 50 (non-refundable)
    Registration Fee$ 200*
    Incidental Fee$ 135**
    Tuition fees
    Canadian and Permanent Residents
    $ 3 500**
    Tuition Fees
    International Students
    $ 5 500**

    * Program launch fees, in Canadian dollars, subject to change
    **Payable in four payments


    Student Services

    The School offers a range of student services such as a library and a bursary program. Learn more about student services.

    Financial Aid

    Canadian students enrolled in one of the National Circus School's full-time programs can apply to the ministries of their provinces for loans and grants. For foreign students, we invite you to contact the government authorities in your country. 

    The National Circus School Foundation assists students who do not have the financial resources to pursue their professional training at the School, regardless of their citizenship. Learn more about the Foundation's grants.

  • AdmissionOpen or Close


    • Completion of secondary school or equivalent
    • Has interrupted studies for at least one school year or has completed one year of post-secondary schooling
    • Has a functional knowledge of the English language, spoken and written
    • Have at least 300 hours of circus teaching with a people who train a minimum of 5 hours per week.
    • Demonstrate the ability to communicate

    Tutoring and mentoring

    Teaching is a critical aspect of the program.
    Throughout the program, you will be expected to apply the concepts you have learned by teaching students at the preparatory or higher level.
    This teaching will be supervised by a mentor assigned by the National Circus School.
    You must have access to a circus arts training facility where you can teach one or more participants. You will be responsible for finding participants who have a good level in circus arts.

    Competency Exemption

    A candidate selected may receive credit for previous training or professional experience acquired, conditional upon providing proof. The applicant must also pass an examination to be exempted from any given course.

    Documents to enclose with admission application:

    • Online Application Form, completed 
    • One passport-sized photograph (JPEG) 
    • A birth certificate with the name of the parents
    • The latest transcripts and/or diplomas available (secondary school, college and/or university)
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Any relevant document confirming an participation to an artistic or sports-related activity
    • For PE teachers (50% off on tuition fee): a proof of living in the Province of Quebec AND a copy of Physical Education Bachelor degree.


    For the on-site weeks, we recommand that student take a travel insurance for the duration of their stay.

    For more information on the admissions policy, see this document (French only) 

    For any question please visit our FAQ : 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For any additional questions please contact the Registrar via [email protected] or (514) 982-0859 ext. 239.

Fall session 2022

Registrations are closed!

Beginning of the semester: July 31st, 2022


In-Person Program

This program is also available In-Person

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