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Contributing to the future of circus arts!

The Foundation's overall goal is to reach $56,000 in donations by June 2022. Contributing to the future of circus arts means supporting the School, the next generation, and the circus industry. 


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Whichever project or fund you choose to support with your donation, you’re helping the National Circus School to maintain its uniqueness and offer one of the best circus arts programs in the world.  

Support the next generation of circus artists!

''The generous support of donors made it possible for me to attend this extraordinary School. Moving from Toronto to Montreal to start a circus education wasn't easy. With no support from my parents, I was on my own. Fortunately, I received grants through the Foundation's program, which meant I could focus on my studies without having to stress about money.''  

Calin J. Stevenson, 2012 Graduate
- Toronto, Canada

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To learn more about the various projects you can fund, contact us:
Naila Del Cid  
Events and Partnerships Coordinator