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Distribution of your Donations

In order to become a circus artist, students of the National Circus School (NCS) dedicate numerous hours to their professional training. This means that they are not always able to work to support themselves. Grants have a direct beneficial effect on their ability to pursue their dream of becoming circus artists.
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Foundation allows us to encourage the students at NCS to persevere and achieve their goals. Each year, approximately 40 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 are given to a quarter of the students.
At the end of the 2020-2021 school year, $65,750 were distributed to 40 recipients who applied for financial support. Donors thus helped the Foundation to respond positively to 74.04% of requests!

Distribution of Grants by Program in 2020-2021


In September 2020, the Foundation promptly put in place an additional financial aid program to allow the purchase of a personal computer for students in the Circus and High School and Higher Education programs. Additional grants ranging from $200 to $600 were awarded to 11 students so that they could continue their studies at a distance during the many lockdowns caused by the health crisis.
In addition to supporting the next generation of students, our donors allow the Foundation to support the NCS in its educational mission. This year, 39% of your donations will allow the School to invest in its strategic priorities.

Distribution of Donations by Fund

Major Achievements by the Foundation Thanks to your Support

For more than 20 years, the Foundation has contributed more than $7.44 million to the National Circus School, raised from numerous donors and partners concerned with supporting the growth and development of the next generation of circus artists and of this nucleus of talent. Here are some of our most significant achievements.

2002-2006 : Major campaign that reached its goal of $5M.

2003 : Construction of the new building of the School in the Cité des arts du cirque.

2004 : Constitution of one of the largest libraries in the world specializing in Circus Arts.

2006 : Creation of an endowment fund. A general Unallocated Fund and two Allocated Funds: one for asset maintenance of the School and the other going to grants for students in need, which has since allowed to give $ 413,610 to 211 students.

2007-2014 : Financing Student Services program, including cultural activities, health care program and physiotherapy, as well as student exchange programs.

2009 : Construction of the residences to house high school students.

2009 : Construction of a new studio dedicated to teaching and artistic activities for students.

1995-2014 : Funding more than 30 annual shows and 9 editions of the Creation and Exploration Workshop.


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Some graduates testimonies

''I thank with all my heart the National Circus School Foundation's donors. Without your support, I simply would not have been able to pay my tuition. You made it possible for me to complete my three years of professional sutides and become a circus artist.''

Jérôme Sordillon, 2013 Graduate 
- Belleroche, France