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Circus at School is an initiative aimed at introducing elementary school students to circus arts. This initiative was developed in response to a research project by CRITAC, the School's affiliated research center, on the introduction to the practice of circus arts and its impacts on young people. 

The research revealed that the practice of circus arts contributes to the development of physical literacy, creativity and resilience among young people. Non-competitive and inclusive, this practice is accessible to all students regardless of their physical, intellectual or social abilities. CRITAC research also concluded that circus arts can improve motor skills, lessen the gap in motor development between girls and boys, improve young peoples’ self-confidence and increase their participation in physical activities. 

In sharing its expertise with elementary schools, the National Circus School seeks to encourage healthy lifestyles among young people by introducing them to the practice of circus arts. In the midst of a pandemic, Circus at School takes on even greater importance as, now more than ever, young people need to resume physical activity. 


Supporting the Circus at School initiative helps to: 

  • Introduce elementary school students to the practice of circus arts 
  • Train instructors in circus arts 
  • Supply elementary schools with the equipment needed 
  • Develop an online platform featuring educational resources in circus arts 

Help us foster resilience in young people and reinforce the social fabric of our community! 


To enable us to develop introductory circus arts programs in elementary schools and train instructors in this practice, our goal is to raise $15,000 by June 2022.  

Each $50 donation allows one elementary school student to be introduced to circus arts. As early as 2022, Circus at School will be able to support and assist 1,000 young people in 12 schools, including eight schools in the Saint-Michel district. Within three years, 20 elementary schools will be able to develop an introductory circus arts program. 

Support the Circus at School Initiative!

Partnerships and sponsorships

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Director of Development and Partnerships 
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