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The National Circus School Foundation offers a generous grants program that benefits nearly 25% of its students annually. In amounts of up to $5,000, these grants help students pay their tuition and support themselves. 

This year more than ever, the scholarship program is vitally important to our students’ academic perseverance. As the pandemic has affected not only the circus arts industry but the service industries as well, our students who are typically employed in these sectors have lost their supplementary source of income. 

What’s more, the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) has been discontinued. Students are thus facing financial insecurity and an uncertain future, in addition to a considerable psychological burden. This economic instability jeopardizes the continuation of their studies in one of the best circus schools in the world. 


In response to the pandemic, the School Foundation quickly adapted in order to assist its students in this extraordinary context. Last June, the School established an emergency fund to help students meet their basic needs. In September, the School introduced an additional fund that allowed students who lacked the tools to conduct their courses online to obtain the necessary computer equipment. Although the health crisis has an immediate impact on students, its impacts will most likely continue to be felt well into the future. As such, the Foundation is continuously adapting so that it can continue to invest in the financial support of its students when they need it most. 

Help the School offer grants to its students so that they can complete their school year and make their dream of becoming a circus artist come true! Supporting the next generation means allowing all talented students access to high-level training. 


To support our students and enable them to continue their studies, our goal is to raise $10,000 by June 2022.  

Here’s what your gift could help support:

$1,000 - $1,250 
Average monthly cost of rent in Montreal

$500 - $600 
Cost of a computer

Average monthly grocery bill for one person

Purchase of a monthly public transit pass

Support the Next Generation of Circus Artists!

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