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A relatively new resource, unique in North America, the Library of the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) provides circus arts professionals, students and researchers as well as the public at large access to one of the most important circus arts collections, thanks to the invaluable efforts of generous donors. 

The involvement of such benefactors, plus circus artists and those who love the art form, is crucial to the continued development of the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School)'s library collections. This is because the circus arts, as an invaluable tradition and art form, have a heritage that is difficult to archive. It is a living memory arising from and transmitted through an oral tradition prevalent in rings around the world. 

We must work collaboratively to acquire additional archives related to traditional and contemporary circus, both nationally and internationally. It is essential to respond favourably to the entire community's increasing and more diversified need for information.

We take great pleasure in integrating into our collections such books, theses, antique books, video holdings, show programs and manuscripts, photographs, posters and the wealth of other relevant materials relating to the circus arts around the world throughout time. The Library provides circus companies and artists the opportunity to create archives and individual artist biographies in order to insure that the memory of their circus creations will live on.

Gifts-in-kind accepted by the Library are eligible for income tax receipts.

To offer archives and documents to the Library, please contact us for more information.

To offer financial support to the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) Library, please contact the National Circus School Foundation.
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Thematic bibliographies

Consult thematic bibliographies from the Library on a variety of topics relating to circus arts here.