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The Library of the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) is open primarily to its members, from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, and is closed on weekends.  However, hourly access is possible Wednesday between 1h pm and 6 pm, by appointment only, for non-members. Consulting materials is free of charge, but a membership card is required to borrow any materials and to take advantage of the Library's other services.

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    Terms of Membership

    All interested in becoming a member may do so in person at the Library counter, by appointment. They must provide proof of residence, and payment is accepted in cash only, or by cheque for Corporate Membership. An identification card with a photo is required at the time of enrolment and, as applicable, an En piste membership or student ID card, in order to obtain the reduced rate.

    Annual Membership Fees
    NCS Students and employeesBorrow: 3 books / 21 days, 1 DVD / 5 daysFree of charge
    Membership for En Piste members and external studentsBorrow: 3 books / 21 days, 1 DVD / 5 days $25
    IndividualBorrow: 5 books / 21 days, 1 DVD / 5 days$40
    Corporate Membership (Three people may borrow)Borrow: 15 books / 21 days, 2 DVD / 5 days$100


    The borrowing of materials is reserved for members in good standing of the National Circus School Library.

    • Loan renewal: It is possible to renew in person or by email or telephone. Books may be borrowed for a period of 21 days and DVDs for one week, unless the item has been reserved by another member. 
    • Overdue items: A member who is late in returning any material must pay a fine for each day it is overdue. A fine of $0.25 per day per item is charged up to a $20.00 maximum per item.
    • Loss or damage of borrowed items: The member is responsible for damage to or the loss of any item borrowed from the Library. He or she must bear the cost of replacement or repair and pay the related administrative fee of $25. The user also must pay any fine due when returning the item.

    Please contact us for further information.

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    Members are granted access to a multitude of services offered onsite and online through the Library catalogue, including: 

    • Borrowing and renewing materials
    • Personalized reference and research services
    • Introductory sessions on the history of circus arts and their modern-day practice
    • Instruction in navigating the online catalogue and using the tools
    • Internet access: computer stations and portable connectivity
    • Access to the members’ section of the Library's Internet site
    • Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI – Personal profile) by email
    • Training workshops in materials research
    • Videogram viewing stations and assistance with their use
    • Listening stations for sound recordings
    • Customized guided tours of the Library for groups
    • Viewing and meeting room reservations for groups
    • Conferences and meetings with circus artists and historians
    • Access to databases and digital resources
    • Photocopy services
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    The catalog: An essential tool at the fingertips

    With several different search engines, the Library’s online catalog now allows users to search more than 14,000 records of materials such as books and periodicals, and show recordings, posters and programs. 

    Research files on circus companies are also available.The catalog makes records and documents more accessible by using descriptive and in-depth indexing adapted to researching circus arts materials. These include access to tables of contents and abstracts, digitized documents and performances categorized by disciplines.

    The catalog also offers search capability and rapid access to over 800 digital documents available free online (journal articles, books, theses, etc.) on a variety of circus arts-related topics.

    An invaluable tool for discovering circus arts, the catalog provides a wide selection of thematic bibliographies, an illustrated glossary of terminology, and sections on circus history. 

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