The PIO – Prevention and Intervention Office

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to listen, support, and help. 100% confidential.

The mission of the Prevention and Intervention Office of the National Circus School is to ensure that all measures are taken to prevent discrimination, harassment, psychological violence as well as sexual violence at the School and to intervene when such matters arise.

Private and 100% confidential.

The Act to Prevent and Fight Sexual Violence in Higher Education Institutions, ratified by the Government of Quebec in December 2017, strengthens actions to foster a healthy and safe living and studying environment for students and employees.  Since September 1, 2019, the government requires that higher education institutions implement policies to prevent and combat sexual violence. These policies must provide for mandatory training of all members of the school community. 

Why a PIO? 

The Prevention and Intervention Office (PIO) oversees the application of the Policy to Prevent and Combat Sexual Violence and the Policy to Prevent and Intervene Against Bullying, Harassment, and Violence. 

The PIO deploys its services according to two main orientations, namely the prevention and management of situations that are brought to its attention. 

Through training programs, the PIO aims to raise awareness and thus contribute to the prevention of bullying, psychological harassment, and sexual violence within the School community. 


The PIO counsels and supports members of the School’s communities during the process that follows a report.  It also coordinates prevention, training, and intervention actions related to sexual violence at the School. 


The Policy to Prevent and Combat Sexual Violence and the Policy to Prevent and Intervene Against Bullying, Harassment, and Violence, include training for members of the school community. All students, teachers, staff, and collaborators must complete compulsory training on an annual basis. 

Complete the course: Stop Harassment – End of Story!


The PIO provides services in a trustworthy, confidential, and impartial manner. 


Every member of the school community can benefit from the services of the PIO, including the reception and management of complaints. Students, staff, consultants, and anyone who visits the School or uses its services to the community can contact the PIO. 

Services Offered 

Counseling to people who make a denunciation or wish to file a complaint. Confidential, impartial, and judgement-free.   

Information and advice to people who believe that they are experiencing harassment in their study or work environment. 

Support or, if required, referrals to external resources specialized in fields that complement the PIO team’s expertise.  

Assist people throughout the process, specifically during the complaint’s preparation and its progress. 

Services are delivered by a third party in a climate of trust, confidentiality, and impartiality. Anyone who wishes to disclose or report a situation can contact the student services coordinator. 

Get in touch with the PIO 

Do you think you are or have been the victim of psychological or sexual harassment? Have you witnessed a situation?  
Here are the contacts to file a report: 

I am a student or parent 
ENC Student Services 
Alicia Bremmond, Student services coordinator
[email protected] 
514 982-0859 ext. 243 

I am an employee or supplier 
Human Resources 
Marie-Pierre Rousseau, Human Resources Advisor 
[email protected] 
514 982-0859 ext. 234 

I am a student, parent, graduate, employee or supplier
Confidential, neutral and independent external resource for the School
Joëlle Thibault, Ombudsperson
[email protected]
514 208-1678 

Response within 48 hours.

Policies Governing the School

Policy to Prevent and Combat Sexual Violence (available in French only)
Policy to Prevent and Intervene Against Bullying, Harassment, and Violence (available in French only)

External Ressources

JURIPOP - Legal Clinic
1 855 JURIPOP 
1 855-587-4767

450 396-9449 

Crime Victims Assistance Center (CAVAC) 
1 866 LE CAVAC

Groupe d’aide et d’information en harcèlement sexuel au travail (GAIHST) 
514 526-0789

Regroupement québécois des Centres d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel 
514 529-5252 
1 888 933-9007

Canadian Women's Foundation
1 866 293-4483

Criminal and Penal Prosecutions Branch Hotline (DPCP)  
1 888 933-9007 

DPCP's Police Complaint Filing Information Line 
1 877 547-3727 

CALACS (centres d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel)

Trêve pour Elles (in French)
514 251-0323 

French-speaking Hospitals

CHUM – Hôpital Notre-Dame 
Adults / 18 and over
1560, Sherbrooke Street East 
Montreal (Quebec) H2L 4M1 
514 890-8444 
Emergency 24/7 : *call service, ask for the on-call worker at the Sexual Assault Clinic 
Emergency Room – 24h 

CHU Sainte-Justine 
Children and teenagers / Less than 18 
3175, Côte Sainte-Catherine Road
Montreal (Quebec) H3T 1C5 
514 345-4721 (teenager clinic) 
514 345-4866 (children clinic) 
514 345-4611 (emergency 24/7) 
Emergency room – 24h 

English-speaking Hospitals

Montreal General Hospital
Adults / 18 and over
1650, Cedar Avenue
Montreal (Quebec) H3G 1A4 
514 934-8090 
Emergency room – 24

Montreal's Children's Hospital
Children and teenagers / Less than 18 
2300, Tupper Street
Montreal (Quebec) H3H 1P3 
514 412-4481 (clinic) 
514 412-4499 (emergency 24/7) 
Emergency room – 24h 

Police Service
SPVM, Neighbourhood station 30 
8930, Pie-IX Boulevard
[Near 40th Street] 
Montreal (Quebec) H1Z 4H9 
514 280-0130

For any emergency
Call 911