Entrepreneurship and Innovation lab

The lab in entrepreneurship and innovation is dedicated to the development of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in circus, culture and performing arts industries.

This pilot lab will run for three years and aims to set up a permanent program. The very first edition of the entrepreneurship and innovation lab will take place from June to December 2020.

The lab is offered principally to the School's 2020 cohort of graduates to contribute to the evolution of the circus and cultural industry in a new global reality. Although its development began long before the onset of today's crisis, its deployment has been accelerated in a context where the circus world is called upon to evolve rapidly.

Drawing inspiration from industry experts and Montreal's innovation network, participants will be able to acquire tools to participate in the growth and transformation of the sector.

The pilot lab is made up of two parts: the Entrepreneurial Pathways and the Emerging Projects.



The Entrepreneurial Pathways will allow participants to acquire traditional and modern approaches to design thinking, to learn the foundations of entrepreneurship and to develop their leadership capabilities.

In addition, the lab will also allow participants to deepen their understanding of the industry in order to actively involve them and their ideas in the future of the circus, performing arts and entertainment industries.

At the end of this first part, participants will have to submit a project proposal that will be presented to a selection committee in order to move on to the second phase.



The Emerging Projects will be devoted to the development of individual or team projects, moving each projet towards successful prototyping and commercialization.
Here, participants will strengthen their acquired skills and explore industry issues with industrial and creative partners whilst adapting their projects to the reality of the market.
With the support of CRITAC and ENC, participants will then pitch their projects to the public at the end of the lab in December 2020. 
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    Thanks to our loyal partners who make the lab possible:

    FOL!E (Ryerson University)

    La Piscine

    HEC Mosaic

    Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship Cluster


    Miguel Aubouy

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