Véronique Thibeault

Rope, trapeze duet, tissu, dance trapeze

Véronique teaches aerial disciplines and flexibility at the École nationale de cirque since 2004. A yoga enthusiast, she is also a certified hatha yoga teacher. Passionate about movement, she trained in dance at the Université du Québec à Montréal and in trapeze at the Le Nœud d'Erseau school. She accumulated eight years of touring experience around the world performing her triple trapeze number before devoting herself to teaching. With her trio, she received the Beauty on Water Award at the Cirkus Prinsessan Festival. Véronique has also trained aerial artists and co-created several numbers for Cirque Éloize (Nebbia, Cirkopolis, iD) and Cirque du Soleil (Totem, Paramour), among others. Her students shine on rings across the world and many have won prizes in prestigious festivals.