27 jan 2016

Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain 2016

The École nationale de cirque once again will be well represented at the competition which will be held in Paris from January 28 to 31.

This year, six graduates were selected :

Jérémy Vitupier and Antonin Wicky (2015 graduates) - clowns

Ronan Duée and Dorian Lechaux (2015) – monocycle duo 

Julien Silliau (2009) and partner Emilie Silliau – Chinese pole

Anny Laplante (2011) and partner Andrei Kalesnikau – Russian cradle

Let's not forget that Daniela Arendasova, Director of Studies and Acting Executive Co-Director of the École nationale de cirque in Montreal, will preside over the jury.

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