Members of the Boards of the School and the Foundation, and the Benefit Evening 2017 Honorary Comittee among graduating students from the School (order from left to right): 1st line: Karl Tabbakh, McCarthy Tétrault; Éric Langlois, École nationale de cirque (ENC). 2nd line : Christian Jolivet , Cogeco; Sébastien Guénette, JTI - Macdonald Corp.; Catherine Laurin, Anderson Laurin Investment Management, BMO Nesbitt Bruns; Carol O'Sullivan; Daniela Arendasova, ENC; Robert C. Nadeau, Nadeau Conseil International; Lili de Grandpré, CenCEO; Robert Blain, Groupe Lune Rouge; Marc Perron, Deloitte; Sylvie Bovet, Fransylval. 3rd line: Oana Frumosu, TD Securities; Lidia Minicucci, Minicucci Architect.

Pushing creative boundaries with élan: an unforgettable evening to support and celebrate the 
next generation of circus artists!

On Wednesday, May 31, the National Circus School Foundation celebrated the 25th Benefit Evening, raising more than $155,000. Proceeds from this event helped make it possible for the School’s 23 graduating students to gain experience in the centre ring. They demonstrated their talent and creativity in two professional-caliber shows. In addition, some funds raised went towards the School Matinee Program. Because of this program, almost 4,000 students from Montreal-area elementary and secondary schools can see performances for free or at a reduced rate; a rare chance to discover the circus.

More than 300 guests congregated at Tohu to support the newly fledged circus artists and to honour Robert Blain, a leader, patron and loyal friend of the School. They were privileged to witness the expertise of the Class of 2017 in the show Hangar des possibles, directed by Yves Dagenais. 

Everyone at the Foundation would like to sincerely thank all donors and partners, Benefit Evening Committee members, Cirque du Soleil management, board members of the School and Foundation, and all the volunteers. Without you, none of this success would have been possible.

$155 000 times THANK YOU!





2 000 $ - 4 999 $

Banque Nationale Gestion privée 1859
Cascades Canada
Cirque du Soleil Canada
Cogeco Câble
Distinctive Appliances
EMM Williams Productions
Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy
Fondation Daniel Lamarre
Patricia et Rhodri Harries
Irving Mitchell Kalichman
Le Cabinet de relations publiques NATIONAL
Le Groupe Maurice
Lune Rouge Innovation
David McAusland
Micro Logic
Norton Rose Fullbright
Outbox Technology
Sid Lee

500 $ - 1 999 $

Action Sport Physio Centre-ville
Aird & Berlis
Amalgame Coaching
Amyot Gélinas
Anderson Laurin Gestion de placements BMO Nesbitt Burns
Aon Parizeau
BCF avocats
Claude Bédard
Cirque Éloize
Curtis Dawe
Lili de Granpré
Suzanne de Grandpré
EBI Montréal
Oana Frumosu
Groupe M. Baccal
Peter Guay
Sébastien Guénette
Mary Hagerman
Maryse Janelle
KCMN Velan Foundation
Yasmine Khalil

Suzanne Langevin et Guy Lapierre
Eric Lapierre et Tessie Yanez
Lapointe Magne et associés

Lavery Avocats

(500$ - 1 999 $)

John LeBoutillier 
Stéphane Lefebvre
Stéphane Lespérance
Les 7 doigts de la main
Les Productions Feeling
Robert C. Nadeau
W. Niels Ortved
Ovivo Inc'
Placements Montrusco Bolton
Jonathan Tétrault
Patrice Trottier
Vézina Assurances
Richard Wilson
Pierrette Wong






100 $ and more

Mélanie Allaire
Amalgame Coaching
Julie Bédard
Roger Berthelot
Brenton Kean
Elise Brosseau
Canadian Wood Products
Julie Couture
Johane De Champlain
Marie-Thérèse Dugré
Sylvie François
Daniel Gauthier
Russell Hiscock
Peter E. Johanson
Rebecca Kennedy

Carole Labelle Molson
Eric Lacombe
Patricia Lemaire
Louis Garneau Sport
Marc Bovet Inc.

Frédéric Nadeau
Roch Parent
Bernard Petiot
Gabriel Pinkstone
Anton Schelmm
Karl Tabbakh

(100 $ and more - end)

Samuel Tétrault
Christine Thibaudeau
Maxime Turcotte

Stéphanie Yared


Good and services

Les 7 doigts de la main
Cinéma Beaubien
Cirque du Soleil

Cirque Eloize
Ecole nationale de cirque
Famille Bekllin Rousseau
Festival Montréal
Complètement Cirque
Fleuriste Il Paradiso
Jennifer Hum
Le Four à Bois d'Orford
Le vin dans les voiles

Vincent Lafleur Traiteur


Winners of the auction 2017

Éric Lacombe
Marie-Thérèse Dugré
Sylvie François
Samuel Tétrault
Roch Parent
Karl Tabbakh
Anthony Amiel
CWP Énergie
Roger Berthelot
Julie Bédard
Johanne de Champlain
Frédéric Nadeau
Julie Couture
Mélanie Allaire






Photo Gallery

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Honorary Committee

Mr. Sébastien Guénette
Member NCS – NCSF
Director, Legal
JTI – Macdonald Corp.

Mr. Éric Langlois
Executive Director
National Circus School

Mr. David McAusland
Chair NSCF
McCarthy Tétrault

Mr. Marc Perron 
Manager Partner, Québec

Mr. Jonathan Tétrault
Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer
Cirque du Soleil

Organizing Committee

Ms. Lidia Minicucci
Minicucci Architecte.

Ms. Johanne Brosseau
Expert in private drug insurance plans

Ms. Véronique Nollet
Manager, Clients and Markets
McCarthy Tétrault

“The National Circus School has evolved into the Harvard of circus training in North America.”

- Boston Globe