What is the Research Centre

The Centre for Circus Arts Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer (CRITAC) develops applied research projects in collaboration with numerous partners.

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CRITAC is made up of a permanent main team, supported by a second multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary team.

Our team


CRITAC is involved in various projects in different fields of research: Human Performance, Experiential and Environmental Design, Social Innovation and Digital Technologies.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab

Focused on collaboration and resilience, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab supports entrepreneurs in the development of their performing arts projects.

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Circus Arts Research Platform

A great online research tool, the CARP platform is very useful for people in the circus and performing arts fields.

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The CRITAC team collaborates on numerous scientific publications on the circus and performing arts.

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Research Ethics Board

The Research Ethics Board ensures that the dignity of individuals participating in NCS related research activities is respected.

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CRITAC collaborates with many partners that allow it to achieve its mission and make a difference in the circus arts community.



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