By donating, you play an essential role in maintaining the quality of the NCS programs. Not only do you contribute to the success of the next generation of circus artists and to the influence of Quebec circus arts, you also contribute to the enrichment of our cultural life. Moreover, since 1993, your donations have enabled the NCS to finance its annual shows as well as numerous research and creation workshops.


Donation of listed securities

It is possible to donate one or several listed securities to the NCS. This type of donation is one of the most advantageous from a tax standpoint. You will receive a tax receipt for the market value of the shares at the time of the donation, without having to pay tax on capital gain.


Planned donations

A planned donation is a good option because it is a concrete gesture that allows you to leave your mark on the circus arts industry and the Quebec culture. There are several ways to make a planned donation. We recommend that you consult a notary, a life insurer, a financial planner or a lawyer to find the donation method that best suits your objectives.


In-kind donations

The National Circus School Foundation accepts this type of donation if its value and function meet its objectives. This may include specialized equipment or private collections of books, manuscripts, teaching materials or works of art.

The importance of making a contribution

“The efforts that will be invested in the coming years will have a direct impact on the development of the full potential of our emerging artists and on their ability to make a living from their art. It is a great asset to have access to the best circus school in the world, here in Montreal.”

– Anthony Amiel, President of the National Circus School Foundation

Your contribution history

The Foundation pursued a major campaign over four years and has reached its goal of $5 million.



• Construction of the School’s new building in the Cité des arts du cirque.
• Incorporation of one of the most important libraries in the world specializing in circus arts.
• Creation of endowment funds, including a general unrestricted fund and two restricted funds, one to maintain the NCS assets and the other for scholarships. Nearly $800,000 has been disbursed to scholars to date.


Funding for the Student Services Program to enhance cultural activities, the health care and physiotherapy program, as well as the student exchange programs.



• Construction of residences for high school students.
• Construction of a new studio dedicated to educational and artistic activities.


If you have any questions, you can contact Valentine Ithurriague, Development and Partnerships Coordinator, by email at [email protected].