Do I need to have training or experience in a circus discipline to be eligible for any of the NCS programs?

No. Experience in a particular circus discipline is not required to be eligible. However, the NCS favors people with experience in the practice of at least one of the following disciplines: martial arts, acrobatic sports, gymnastics, trampoline, diving, dance, figure skating, or any other relevant activity.

Does the NCS offer accommodation?

Yes, but only to minors enrolled in the Circus and High School Studies program. For more information, please consult the page Housing for minors.


How many people per year does the NCS admit to its Circus Arts program?

The number of places is limited. On average, 25 people are admitted to the program each year.

How many years do the Circus Arts program last?

The Circus Arts programs last three years.

If I have a DSC, which courses could I get credit for?

French, English and Philosophy courses are normally credited.

If I am from a country other than Canada, can I get Canadian financial aid?

No. Unfortunately, Canada does not offer financial aid for students from other countries. However, you can apply for a scholarship from the National Circus School Foundation.

If I am from a country other than Canada, can I work at the same time as I pursue my training at the NCS?

Yes, depending on whether your student visa allows you to do so*.


* A study visa does not automatically guarantee obtaining a work visa.


How many people does the NCS admit to its Circus and High School Studies program?

The number of places is limited. This program can accommodate a maximum of 30 people at any given time, all levels combined.


How many young people does the NCS admit to its summer camps?

The number of places is limited. The NCS admits a maximum of 70 people for each camp (9-12 years old and 13-17 years old).

Is it possible to specialize in a particular discipline?

No. Instead, the campers will have the chance to try out several circus disciplines and techniques: floor acrobatics, trampoline, balancing, physical preparation, flexibility, juggling, manipulation, aerial and acrobatic disciplines, etc.



Am I eligible for these courses even if I have limited knowledge in the field of circus arts?

Any knowledge and/or experience in the fields of circus arts, sports, gymnastics, dance, theater or any other relevant discipline will be taken into consideration when processing your application.

Do I need to master all circus moves and techniques to be eligible for these courses?

No. Throughout the program, you will be evaluated on your ability to fully understand basic circus movements and techniques in order to teach them correctly to the people/artists you will be training during your career as a trainer/instructor. You will not be evaluated on your own physical or technical skills. Of course, the ability to perform certain movements is an asset.

How much study time outside of class is required each week?

Approximately eight hours.

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