Administrative Staff


Executive director
Executive Director Éric Langlois
Administrative assistant to the Executive Director Sabine Canel


Academic Services
Director of Studies Daniela Arendasova
Director of creation Howard Richard
Director - Center for Research, Innovation and Transfer in Circus Arts,
holder of SSHRC Industrial Research 
Chair for colleges in Circus Arts
Patrice Aubertin
Assistant Director of College Program and Continuing Education Marilou Cousineau
Administrative Officer - Center for Research, Innovation and Transfer in Circus Arts Line Giasson
Project Manager - Center for Research, Innovation and Transfer in Circus Arts Jean Thibault
Junior Engineer of Research Marion Cossin
Apparatus and Performance Environment Researcher/Designer Fred Gérard
Preparatory and High School Coordinator Caroline Pineault
Recreational Program Coordinator Jérémie Boisier-Michaud
Studio Manager Nathalie Sabourin 
Registrar Charles Vilaisak
Executive Assistant to the Direction of Studies Isabelle Fournier-Paradis
Administrative Assistant Marie Gourmet
Student Services Coordinator Claudia Silva
Technician Registrar Johanne Larose
Administrative Assistant to the Registrar's Office Eugenia Nicolae
Social Worker Nathalie Rochette


Administrative Services
Administrative Director Martine Veillette
Controller Marie Langlois
Accounting Administrative Assistant Mirela Radu
Librairian Anna-Karyna Barlati
Library Clerk Mariline Gilbert
Information Agent Adriana Suarez
Receptionnists Diane Maillé
Marie-Reine Forget
Building Maintenance Technician Alain Blais


Technical Services
Director of Technical Services and Production Christine Thibaudeau
Head Rigger Jean-Philippe Dalcourt
Riggers Jean-Philippe Dalcourt-Viau
Bilbo Jasmin Rochette
François Rousseau
Stéphanie Simard
Pascal Tétrault


Marketing and Development Advisor Christophe Rousseau
Communications Coordinator Mélanie Jolin
Communications Officer Aurélie Kaci


Fundraising, Foundation
Director of development and patnerships recruiting
Project Manager, Benefit Evening Johanne Brunet from Plaque Tournante


Food services - Imparted
Bleu Lotus, Chef Claude Fabien-Perreault


Health services - Imparted
Action Sport Physio,                                    
sports therapists,
Shannon Downs
Renée Junge
Sametha Scarlett


Services of the surveillance of the housing
Chief Supervisor Benoît Châtelain
Supervisor Jean-Pierre Doret
Rosalie Labelle-Leboeuf
Samuel Thellen


Services to profesional artists - TOHU
Coordinator        Sandy Bessette