William Bonnet

Acrobatics, Banquine, Hand to hand, Dance Trapeze, Physical preparation- Preparatory program

William made his circus world debut in France with the company Couleurs Mécaniques, with which he toured  Europe. He later enrolled in the Circus School of Lomme and specialized in aerial acrobatics performed on straps. He continued his education at the National Circus School where he mastered hand-to-hand, floor acrobatics and clowning. William has worked with many companies, including Circle of Eleven, Franco Dragone and The 7 Fingers and Cirque du Soleil. He gained acclaim for his solo performance in Leo, a physical theatre work by Daniel Brière for the company Y2D. At the National Circus School, William teaches hand-to-hand, floor acrobatics, acrobatic research, and physical preparation and flexibility.