Estelle Clareton

Director of creation, Artistic advisor

Ever fascinated by body language and movement, Estelle first interpreted works devised by other choreographers before making creation her way of life. Now a full-time choreographer, with her Créations Estelle Clareton company she explores this world in a quest for meaningful virtuosity. The circus is of prime importance in the choreographer’s life, who since 2006 has served as an artistic adviser at the École nationale de cirque. She directed La disparition as part of the 2007 Annual Show and assisted Gypsy Snider in the creation of Crimes in June 2009. In October of that year, at Tohu she presented En plein corps, a Research and Creation Workshop creation featuring six ENC graduates. Playfulness, clown arts, acrobatic flights and juggling, these aspects of the medium inspire the choreographer and infuse her works for the stage.