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For over 10 years the Annual Shows of the graduates of the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) are presented atTohu.



sapience is an archaeological dig, a rappel downwards into the labyrinth of what makes us human. An expedition into the heart of the wise human being, his/her myths, fears, contradictions, and irrepressible desire to approach the invisible, the sacred. Sapience takes us on a journey through the troubled beauty of human nature. Though inaudible, words resonate. Breath, silence, speed, suspension ... light. Photo Album sapience

Barok XXI immerses the viewer in a multisensory, multihued and multilayered universe. A fracture has occurred, space-time has contracted.  Epochs and the temporal, the real, the poetic have merged, become intertwined. A world where the protagonists seek an ideal, a cause, an absolute, a hope, a utopia ... a quest for meaning! Photo Album Barok XXI


Poster, Annual show, l'amour et les extraterrestres

Poster, annual show, Hangar des possiblesANNUAL SHOWS 2017

A man discovers that the woman he loves is part of a group of aliens that has infiltrated humanity. Like us, they are fragile, experience fear, have dreams. These strangers defy our conceptions of time, space and beauty. Can we coexist on the same planet? And love…. What will become of love?

A merry band of artists discovers an abandoned shed, empty and lifeless, on a Montreal street ... a street where day-to-day reality meets the worlds of imagination and fantasy. With dreams of breathing new life into the place, they embark on the project together, step by step, colluding and combining their efforts, laughter, conflicts. 

Photo Album L'amour et les extraterrestres

Photo Album Hangar des possibles


Journeys, displacements, to-and-froing, migrations. A vibrant tribute to the sense of community, and to the courage, perseverance and imagination that lie at the heart of both humanity and the circus. Demain (‘’Tomorrow’’) reveals youth on the move, in reinvention, assisting one another to launch into the unknown, eyes resolutely turned towards the tomorrows they hope hold sunny days.

Honouring Freedom, Simplicity and Beauty, the universe of Colibri gives thanks to the Sacred that slumbers within us always. An inner journey toward unexplored horizons, where the royal and majestic slow-motion of an elephant could well intersect the graceful and mesmerizing speed of a hummingbird, and where Life would be only pure joy and celebration.

Photo Album Demain
Photo Album Colibri

A shadow passes... How to preserve his divine inspiration, his spark ? How to avoid it being eclipsed by a regimented materiality ? Two clown friends, captains of the imaginary, play and create with their blocks, worlds that give us dreaming : here are Les Étinceleurs. 
A tribute to the works of J-S. Bach from a circus point of view, L'Art de la fugue is a headlong rush emanating from the desire to push the limits of body and mind, a quest for perfection, a search for transcendence.

 annual shows 2014

La matrice de Morphée (Morpheus’ Matrix) vacillates between a dream world and reality, as young human beings evolve in a social jungle inhabited by intriguing characters. This colourful experience influences each individual matrix. A journey punctuated with humour and flashes of great energy that mirrors modern life!
L’abri (Shelter) explores the transition space between the past and the future, a place where everything is possible. From this transient shelter bursts forth the passionate energy of youth, the quest for transcendence and exchanges replete with humanity.

Photo Album La Matrice de Morphée
Photo Album L'Abri

ANNUaL shows 2013


In Pour le meilleur et pour le pire (For better or for worse) we meet a gallery of characters at a wedding celebration, against a kitsch backdrop of hit songs from the 1970s to 1990's! Go behind appearances as they're rendered transparent and reality replaces fiction!
La vie en swing, transports audiences back in time to the 1940s. It was an exhilarating era for both dance and music, the perfect lead-in to a story of passion. A tribute to youth in transition to the adult world!

Photo Album of Pour le meilleur et pour le pire
Photo Album of La vie en swing

ANNUaL shows 2012

In Génération 2.0, young adults reinvent themselves, meticulously recording the process. They have 20 years of life and 900 friends in their pockets. Acute narcissists, they experience life with eyes riveted on the seductive oblivion of virtuality, the bluish glow in the palm of their hands. But time marches on and they must grow up…

La flèche au cœur is an odyssey through a place of devastation where only a few stray beings remain. Together, they search amongst the debris for traces of their pasts with which to reconstruct their histories. It's an ode to love, community and hope, directed with a touch of the absurd. 

ANNuaL shows 2011

In Messa the action surrounds a marginalized group who have taken over the third basement of Block B. Discover life in the squat, where they celebrate a highly unusual and exciting cult! Only by pushing the physical and psychological envelope, with liberating movement and ecstatic gesture, do these fervent followers find their equilibrium.

Pomme grenade follows the journey of a deserter visited by childhood memories. As a magical world of creativity and movement open up to him, he embarks on a quest for peace while thumbing his nose at the rationale behind war. We discover a world steeped in clashes and truces and … acrobatics.