16 Oct 2017

The School at CIRCa Festival in France


The show created by Michael Watts, with the help of Véronique Thibeault, will be presented in Auch (France) on October 26 at 3 pm local time as part of the CIRCLE presentations by member schools of FEDEC

With performing students:

  • Philippe Dupuis
  • Ruben Ingwersen
  • Cooper Smith
  • Sabine Van Rensburg

Synopsis :

This project uses the internal and external forces of being human as motors for research and dialogue between the artists. Who are you as an individual and/or collective group when faced with adversity, challenges and shifting realities? How do you adapt to chaos, the unknown, and what are your instinctive strategies? We exist in 2017 as humans because of a resilient energy that is native to all of us and our creative evolution.