Circus Arts Research Platform - CARP

A worlwide free resource website for circus arts research, or CARP, is a free resource Web site for academic research and studies related to the circus arts.    

CARP is to be used as a strong tool to stimulate and strengthen collaboration between scholars and professionals interested in circus arts studies across all academic disciplines through this platform

Access online to more than 120 profiles of researchers, 2000 academic publications and 200 significant circus collections!


It offers free access to : 

  • An international directory of researchers from various fields—the humanities, social sciences, medicine, and technology, to name just a few—who share an interest in circus arts research;
  • An online map where you can find resource centers, libraries, archives and private collections open to researchers;
  • An international bibliography of more than 2000 academic publications and articles specifically related to the circus arts (studies, theses and articles published in an academic context – like MA, PhD, Post-Doc, studies, articles, webdoc, seminary reports, publications by academic publishers) and several thematic bibliographies;
  • Information on conferences, lectures and open calls for papers (CFPs). Also, an archive of past academic activities;
  • Other useful links to academic blogs, web documentaries and other resources catalogues.

CARP / CircusArtsResearchPlatform is an initiative of:


For more information you can contact: 

  • Anna-Karyna Barlati, library manager at École nationale de cirque
  • Patrice Aubertin, Director - Center for Research, Innovation and Transfer in Circus Arts (CRITAC), Holder of SSHRC Industrial Reseach Chair for Colleges in circus arts 

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