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National Circus School

8181 2nd Avenue
Montreal, Quebec, Canada  H1Z 4N9
514 982-0859
Toll Free in Canada: 1 800 267-0859
Fax: 514 982-6025

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Aurélie Kaci
Public and Media Relations ext: 248

Christophe Rousseau
Director of Communications ext: 235

Martine Veillette
Administrative Director ext: 234

Tessie Yanez
Fundraising Coordinator ext: 240

Daniela Arendasova
Director of Studies ext: 227

Patrice Aubertin
Director of Research and Teacher Training Program SSHRC
Industrial Reseach Chair for Colleges in circus arts ext: 261

Howard Richard
Director of Creation ext: 232

Antoine Grenier
Technical Coordinator ext: 244

Marilou Cousineau
Coordinator, Preparatory Program and recreational activities ext: 264

Anna-Karyna Barlati
Library ext: 230

Charles Vilaisak
Registrar ext: 229

Claudia Silva
Student Services Coordinator ext. 243

Sabine Canel
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director ext. 237