Annual Shows

Lights! Passion! Virtuosity! The new generation of circus artists makes a debut!

Share the excitement as the next generation of circus performers reach the pinnacle of a higher education in the circus arts, in the show presented centre ring at Tohu featuring the 2019 graduating artists. Under the direction of a multidisciplinary and experienced creative team, these artists bring all their passion and fire, artistic and acrobatic mastery, to the centre ring. The show mark the culmination of three years of training as part of their college-level specialized education in the circus arts. Appealing to a wide audience, this annual event has become a must-see for circus aficionados: spectacular, contemporary, relevant, emotionally charged!


Directed by Alain Francoeur
Presented at Tohu
From May 28th to June 9th 

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"The National Circus School’s end-of-year shows (…) are excellent examples of the level of quality found in the Montreal circus."

- La Presse

"Circus has a very different look in Canada and beyond, a phenomenon that can be credited in good part to the National Circus School…"

- The Globe and Mail, Toronto