The National Circus School Foundation is proud to announce that it has raised more than $171,000 at the Benefit Evening held on June 3, 2015. These funds made it possible for the School’s 27 graduating students to gain invaluable experience centre ring, demonstrating their talent and creativity in the two professional productions that are these end-of-year shows.

In addition, a portion of donations went towards the National Circus School’s Matinee Program. This initiative allowed more than 6,000 students from elementary and secondary schools in Montreal to discover the circus by attending, for free or at a reduced rate, to 7 representations of the annual shows.

The Foundation extends sincere thanks to all donors and partners, Benefit Evening committee members, Cirque du Soleil, the School and Foundation board members, and all the volunteers. Without you this success would not have been possible! See you next year!

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