Student services

Student Housing 

Attached to the main building, the residences offer complete (including meals), convenient and secure housing 7 days a week to Circus & High School students only. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom and can accommodate up to three students.


The Library possesses one of the most important collections of reference materials relating to the circus arts. It proudly houses and curates the exceptional Pascal Jacob collection. As well, the online catalogue allows researchers access to more than 15 000 documents by employing various search engines and an efficient interface.

Government Student Aid 

College-level students who are Canadian citizens or who have permanent resident status in Canada are eligible for loan and bursary programs offered by the Ministry of Education of the province in which they officially reside.


Bursary Program 

The National Circus School Foundation offers assistance to students who lack sufficient financial resources to pursue professional training at the School no matter what their citizenship.

Food Services 

During the week the School offers three meals a day at low cost at its cafeteria (Bleu Lotus food services).

Health Services 

The School provides an onsite clinic that offers physical therapy, as well as referrals to other health professionals.


Cultural Life 

 With opportunities to encounter artists, take part in cultural excursions and international exchanges, and attend events and shows at a reduced rate, students have access to a host of cultural activities.