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National Circus School

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada  H1Z 4N9
514 982-0859
Toll Free in Canada: 1 800 267-0859
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Mélanie Jolin
Media relations
Communications Coordinator

[email protected] ext: 224

Aurélie Kaci
Tour requests* (see below)
Communications Officer
[email protected] ext: 248

Educational Services

Registrar Office
Tuition, Registration, Informations
Admission process

[email protected] ext: 239 or 229

Benoît Châtelain
Student Housing, Food Services & Health Services
Students Services Coordinator

[email protected] ext: 243

Marilou Cousineau
Assistant Director of the College Program and Continuing Education
[email protected] ext: 264

Caroline Pineault
Preparatory and High School Programs Coordinator
[email protected] ext: 265

Jérémie Boisier-Michaud
Recreative Program Coordinator
[email protected] ext: 238

Other Services

Anna-Karyna Barlati
Library Manager
[email protected] ext: 230

Line Giasson
CRITAC Administrative Officer
Center for Research, Innovation and Transfer in Circus Arts
[email protected] ext: 270

Jean-Philippe Dalcourt
Head Rigger
[email protected] ext: 244

Maryse Landry
Recruiting and Human Ressources
Senior Advisor, Talent Management

[email protected] ext: 234


Christophe Rousseau
Marketing and Development Advisor
[email protected] ext: 235

Executive Comitee

Daniela Arendasova
Director of Studies
[email protected] ext: 227

Estelle Clareton
Director of Creation
[email protected] ext: 232

Patrice Aubertin
Director - Center for Research, Innovation and Transfer in Circus Arts,
Holder of SSHRC Industrial Reseach Chair for Colleges in Circus Arts 
[email protected] ext: 261

Jean-Philippe Dugré
Director of Development and partnerships
j[email protected] ext: 240

Christine Thibaudeau
Director of Technical Services and Production
[email protected] ext: 222

Martine Veillette
Administrative Director
[email protected] ext: 234

Éric Langlois
Executive Director
[email protected]

Services to Professionals - External Ressources


TOHU - Cité des Arts du Cirque
[email protected] 
514) 374-3522 ext: 2292

En Piste
Circus Arts National Network 



* School tour requests: Tours might be scheduled on request only and exclusively on weekdays. We have to prioritize future candidates. Please send your request at least 2 weeks in advance to [email protected] precising: your availabilities during weekdays between 9:30am to 4pm, your age, where you are from and how long you have been practising circus and/or any artistic/sport discipline at a high level (please indicate number of years and hours per week) and which of the School programs you are interested in.