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Hannah Grove


  • Tight Wire,


Hannah Grove is a circus artist from the United States currently residing in Montreal, Quebec. She discovered circus through Circus Smirkus, where she toured for 4 years. She will graduate this spring from National Circus School, with a major in Tight Wire, Hula Hoop and general Acrobatics. She expresses great interest in breaking down the traditional view of a circus artist to help redefine and create a new contemporary and hopes her work can aid in this process. She is very passionate about the arts and wishes to see them continue to grow in abundance for everyone to enjoy. Coming from rural Virginia, where circus arts are almost non-existent, she hopes to inspire others to continue breaking down barriers, and to bring the arts to areas where they seem to be an afterthought. She draws much of her inspiration from obscure art, claymation, 70’s experimental music, the way scaly animals move, odd fashion and live performance. In the future, Hannah wishes to create a strong foothold in the experimental contemporary circus arts scene, and hopes to inspire many people to cut their hair impulsively. She wants to bring the personal back into performance and inspire people to be uncomfortable on stage.  Find her somewhere under a lime green lightscape dancing to something experimental!


What does NCS represent to you?

NCS allowed to me fully pursue my passion of performing and creating something that is meaningful to me, and I am forever grateful that : )


What is your favorite memory in NCS ?

Anything where Nathalie Sabourin was involved <3


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