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Kayley Borckardt Hennessy


  • Aerial Silks,


Kayley is a Canadian Circus Artist and dancer specializing in Aerial Silks. Her best qualities are her immense creativity, her adaptability to her environments and her unwavering commitment. She has an extensive knowledge in many styles of dance and circus, such as; Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary/Modern, Acrobatics, Hand to Hand/Flying, Cyr Wheel and Hand Balancing.


What does NCS mean to you?

For me, NCS was a place to explore artistry and to find myself as a creator. NCS is a safe place for me to spend time with other incredible artists who I am lucky enough to call my friends.


What is your best memory of the NCS?

Finding out on a hard day that there was a secret piano room that I could go to, and play the piano for as long as I liked.


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