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Nin Khelifa


  • Cloud Swing,


I am 5’6″ tall

My hair is constantly changing

I prefer silver to gold

I like very dark chocolate, clothes that are too big and hugs that are too tight

I don’t like watermelon candy, unanswered questions, and trousers without pockets

When I’m stressed, I stutter

I confuse antinomian and antipodal terms by professional deformation

I have a phobia of toads

I like to be in control of the situation

When I climb stairs I always count them

When I was little, I had to wear a dress for my first communion and I cried


What does the NCS represent for you?

An environment where I felt supported and helped to develop myself and my ideas. Three years in which I learned a lot, experienced crazy emotions, met some wonderful people and which will definitely mark a turning point in my life.


What is your favorite memory of the NCS?



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