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The Foundation supports the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) in its mission of educational excellence and innovation. Thanks to the generosity of donors and partners, we assist talented young people from around the globe in realizing their full potential.  

Tuition fees, already high at present, cover only 13% of School expenses. For this reason, the Foundation relies on contributions from donors, including alumni, parents, friends, businesses and members of the circus arts community, to meet the School and its student's needs. 

Specifically, your donation means the National Circus School Foundation can continue to ensure programs that offer financial aid and adequate health services to students. And that the School can attract and retain the best teachers, upgrade existing equipment, and invest in research and innovation at the benefit of communities.

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Anthony Amiel, the Foundation's President


President of the National Circus School's (NCS) Foundation since December 2020, Anthony Amiel originally joined the honorary committee of the NCS Foundation's Benefit Evening in 2019. He quickly stood out for his ability to mobilize his network to ensure the event’s success. He was nominated as a member of the NCS Board of Directors in October 2019 before being named President of the Foundation.
"Since childhood, I have always had a great passion for the circus arts. It is a privilege to be the President of the National Circus School Foundation. The efforts we will invest in the next few years to increase financial contributions to the National Circus School will have a direct impact on its ability to develop the full potential of its students and allow them to live from their art. It is a great asset to have the best circus school in the world here in Montreal. Our goal at the Foundation is to increase its notoriety while making as many individuals and organizations as possible aware of the need to support its mission through their donations." 


''My education at the École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) taught me that the possibilities are endless if I work hard to achieve my goals. But I was not alone; both the School and the Foundation helped me realize my aspirations.''

Bridie Hooper, 2012 Graduate - Rosebank, Australia

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