Pascal Jacob Collection

"I am both very grateful and proud to see placed well within the reach of so many the result of years of patient research, expressed through erudition and imagery, of what the circus arts have over the centuries encouraged and helped create."
– Pascal Jacob


Sharing the passion 

The Library takes great pride in housing and curating the exceptional collection of Pascal Jacob, prominent circus arts author and historian. The Pascal Jacob Collection is closely related to the prestigious Jacob-William Collection at TOHU, one of the largest private collections of works devoted to the circus arts.  

The Pascal Jacob Collection includes more than 5,000 items of documentation in French, English and other languages. It consists primarily of books, including the old and rare, plus show and festival programs, archival records of artists and companies, postcards, video recordings, photographs and soundtracks. These materials trace the history of the circus arts from their birth until today, in Europe and around the world.

The Jacob-William collection encompasses more than 17,000 works such as posters, prints, photographs, drawings, paintings and sculptures. They were amassed over the past twenty years by two collectors with a passion for the circus, Pascal Jacob and Christian William. The richness and diversity of this collection may be explored through the remarkable La fabuleuse histoire du cirque, permanent exhibition at TOHU or several exhibitions that tour the world.

Pascal Jacob, ever fascinated by the circus arts, has published more than thirthy authoritative books on the circus arts and their history. He teaches circus history in circus schools in Montreal, Brussels and Chalons-en-Champagne, and is the artistic director of Cirques Phénix and the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. Pascal Jacob is a tireless collector of everything relating to the circus arts throughout the ages, and his collection enjoys constant growth as a result.

The generous contribution of Pascal Jacob to the National Circus School Library is a fundamental and driving force in preserving the living memory of the circus arts.

Photo: © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

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