The annual shows conclude our artists’ training. Each performance is an opportunity for the young artists to gain experience in front of an audience and backstage before joining circus companies. It is a true rite of passage.

Graduating class show

The graduating class’ annual show will make you discover the multiple talents of the 2022 cohort artists.  As part of their training, our graduates took part in all stages of design, creation and production of this large-scale show directed by actor Didier Lucien.


Triptyque 2022

This show is presented by our second-year students enrolled in higher education. Resolutely contemporary, it includes three creations co-signed by circus artist Anna Ward, choreographer Helen Simard and artistic advisor Alain Francoeur.


This show includes two short circus acts featuring our first-year students enrolled in higher education. The show is directed by artistic advisors Michael Watts and Melissa Colello.

Presentations by Circus and High School studies students

This show includes two creations by choreographers Edgar Zendejas and Dominique Porte.

Presentation by the Preparatory program students

This show is presented by the preparatory program students and is designed by acrobat Jérémy Vitupier.


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