To celebrate our neighbour and partner’s 35th anniversary, its numerous and exceptionnal contributions, as well as its unwavering support to our institution and circus arts, the National Circus School is proud to name one of its studios, the “Cirque du Soleil Studio”.

“This space for creation, formation, research and innovation, that we officially designate today under the name “Cirque du Soleil Studio”, is a symbol of our gratitude. It is a tribute to this visionnary and fiery defender of circus arts, and emphasizes its capacity to allow our graduates to shine accross the world. It bears witness of the richness of our common history and is a testimony to the successes of our common projects.” states Éric Langlois, Executive Director at the National Circus School.

The plaque was revealed today by Bernard Petiot, casting and performance vice-president at Cirque du Soleil, and Mathys Guyon-Matte, a higher education second-year student from St-Michel neighbourhood , in front of representatives of both institutions, including Agathe Alie, senior director of community relations at Cirque du Soleil.

From left to right : Daniela Arendasova, director of studies (NCS); Bernard Petiot, Casting and performance vice-president (Cirque du Soleil); Mathys Guyon-Mathe, student(NCS); Agathe Alie, senior director of community relations (Cirque du Soleil); Olivier Lachambre, member of the Board of directors (NCS) , Senior Director Building Services (Cirque du Soleil), Eric Langlois, Executive Director (NCS).

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