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Cooper Yarosloski


  • Hand Balancing,


After training at The Circus Lab in Vancouver, Cooper travelled to Montreal to pursue his childhood dream of attending the National Circus School. He grew up in competitive dance, but always found the world of circus to be fascinating. While at School he has met lifelong friends that he will cherish forever. Cooper is very grateful for all the teachers that have encouraged him to be his best. Cooper is graduating with a specialty of hand balancing and contortion and a minor in aerial straps.


What does the NCS represent for you?

For me, NCS represents achievement. Being accepted into the school was a huge personal achievement. Moving to Montreal on my own at 16 was another milestone achievement. Each year, each show, each presentation, and each class were all stand-alone achievements on their own. Training with the best teachers pushing me to my max, and the best artists alongside me motivating me to be better technically, and artistically. I am forever grateful for everything that NCS has taught me and the overall feeling of achievement, success, and pride that I will carry with me moving into my career as a circus artist.


What is your best memory at the NCS ?

One of my favourite memories at NCS was performing the Tryptique show in second year. I was with a good group of friends creating with a super cool director and all of the snow in Montreal had finally melted. Before each show me and my good friend would signal each other from across the wings by mouthing the words to “Running up that Hill” by Kate Bush wishing each other good luck.


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