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Jean Roubieu


  • Aerial Hoop Contortion,


For Jean, it was the discovery of flexibility and contortion that led him to the circus arts. They found a new door of expression that allowed him to develop both physically, as a person, and as an artist. They says that contortion and hooping have been a way of reappropriating and rediscovering his body and his identity.


What does the NCS represent for you?

The NCS is a great place to open up, explore and share, both artistically and humanely. It’s an ideal place to develop your physicality, and move into the world of circus.


What is your favorite memory of the NCS?

One of my best memories at NCS is playing at the Cabarouette. Especially in my final year, it was a very special opportunity for me to be more vulnerable on stage in this beautiful environment, and also a pleasure to discover everyone’s worlds. I always enjoy these cabaret evenings, as they bring the whole School community together for a more relaxed and convivial time.


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