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Katarina Sobinkovicova


  • Aerial Hoop,
  • Corde lisse,


Her interest and passion for performing arts started at dance schools she attended since she was a child. Before coming to the National Circus School to develop her path as a professional artist she took part in numerous projects in Slovakia and abroad in collaboration with different companies. She is enthusiastic about working especially on new creations where she can contribute with her artistic visions and be surrounded by creative and inspiring minds.


What does the NCS represent for you?

The NCS represents for me a great model of environment for circus performing career development. It is an environment where people can learn from highly qualified people and be surrounded by creative minds.


What is your best memory of the NCS?

I am grateful for all the tools that people at the School offered me for my future.  I have also created beautiful friendships that are on such path essential.


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